Data Science Software Solutions


Agile Development

A collaborative and responsive approach to building applications


Business Consultation

Advice on how to develop, protect and commercialise your intellectual assets


UI & UX Design

Bringing together creativity and functionality


DS-Cubed is a Leicester based software development and consultancy company that prides itself in providing quality services, tailored to our customers’ needs. Taking your idea from concept to product.


Mobile Apps

Mobile Application development for all devices including Android, IOS and Windows Platforms.


Improving productivity, training and learning environments with gaming principles.

Algorithm Development

Solving complex problems with optimisation methods, computational intelligence and machine learning.

3D Simulations

Creating virtual reality environments for scientific, cultural and healthcare simulations.


Courses, seminars and workshops on the latest software development, technology and data analysis.


Exploring your concept through our customer centric approach.

Data Analytics

Extracting, processing and integrating data into valuable knowledge for your organisation.

UX and UI

Designing a great user experience at the forefront of your digital platform.

What Makes Us Different?

Tailored Services

Our services are customised for every client, so that no matter what stage of development your project is at, you receive solutions specific to your needs.

Flexible Approach

Continuous developments in the technological landscape require a flexible approach for any project. We work closely with clients and use research to identify the best possible tools and methods to deliver your project.

Quality Solutions

Whether you are an academic, local business or charity, our solutions are competitively priced and delivered to a high standard by our developers, designers and researchers.

Agile Development

We use agile development methods for improved collaboration, programming and faster testing throughout the project lifecycle. This method allows us to respond quickly to any changes and feedback during the development stage.

Ideas Factory

The Ideas Factory is an IT incubator managed by DS-Cubed.

We use our expertise in design, software solutions, data analytics, simulations and serious games to support staff and students develop new software concepts with commercial potential.

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Having just embarked on a development journey with DS3, I am very impressed with the professionalism and ability of the DS3 team. They convince by their inclusive, team based approach and dedication to find the best solution for their clients.


The thriving work environment at DS-Cubed Ltd provides a fantastic opportunity to engage in collaborative work in order to deliver bespoke software solutions. Our team consists of an array of technical experts, ensuring the collective passion we share for providing the highest quality products and services is continuously flourished throughout our daily operations.

Samana M.Project Manager