Falls represent one of the top five reasons for ambulance conveyance and admission to hospital for the over 65 age group. In 2014, a paper-based Falls Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) was developed to improve the efficiency of assessing people who have fallen, prevention of future falls and reducing unnecessary conveyance to hospitals.

During the Hackathon for Health, Assisted Living, Social Care and Society (HALE) 2016, FRAT was developed into a digital application, reducing the amount of paperwork it would take to make an assessment and speeding up the communication of information to the right people. This app is designed for use on smartphones that are issued to paramedics, and aims to work with other apps or technologies currently being used such as tough books.

This project was proposed by Leicestershire County Council on behalf of East Midlands Ambulance Service, Better Care Together, Leicester City and Rutland County Council areas.